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I don't often post character profiles here, but I do have a special place in my heart for all the roleplay characters I've created over the years. In particular, there's a set of 12 characters all named after months of the year, who were initally created as transforming magical girls but don't tend to do a lot of that, really. They're collectively referred to as "Calendar Girls" (very clever, I know) and here's a bit more about them.

Name: January
Real name or nickname?: No idea. She won't tell.
Age: Probably about 25
Appearance: Think basically Elsa from Frozen, except taller and with shorter, non-braided hair.
Position: Dominant
Nationality: Finnish
Relationships: Dominant to February and Dana (another character of mine), older half-sister of December
Personality: Comes off as an "ice queen" type, no pun intended, but has a playful side hidden underneath her seemingly-cold exterior. Doesn't like to talk much about herself, so not much is really known about her besides what can be inferred.
Abilities/Powers: Like all the "winter" girls, she has power over ice. Her fighting style consists of focussed blasts of ice and attempting to disable her opponent by freezing them. She is also a Psychic (which is an actual species in the world of my imagination - they look like humans, but they're not), so has all the classic psychic abilities, including telepathy, mind-control, mind-reading, etc. (As an aside, Dana is also a Psychic, and January is teaching her/helping her to hone her Psychic abilities and develop new ones.)

Name: February
Real or nickname?: Nickname, given by January. She doesn't remember her real name.
Age: 22
Appearance: Short yet busty, with light-blue shoulder-length hair and very pale skin. Icy-blue eyes. Usually wears the same kind of dress as January (again, think Elsa from Frozen).
Position: Submissive
Nationality: Finnish
Relationships: Submissive/girlfriend of January, submissive to Dana
Personality: Very spacy and dreamy. Tends to drift off or zone out at the slightest provocation. Gets mesmerised by seeing people blush for some weird reason. Can be a bit of a cloud cuckoolander, often saying very weird things because she's constantly half in a daydream at least. Very much a romantic type too and is basically in a kind of "fairy-tale love" state with January.
Abilities/Powers: Like all the "winter" girls, she has power over ice. Her fighting style revolves around wide-range, area-of-effect-type attacks, possibly because she doesn't yet have enough skill to control her powers more specifically. For this reason, the air around her always feels very cold, and she herself feels icy cold to the touch, because she's constantly emitting ice energy due to her poor control over her powers. Any battle involving her is sure to end with the entire area covered in ice.

Name: March
Real or nickname?: Technically a nickname, but her real "name" is #030365, so it's the closest to a real name you can get.
Age: 4
Appearance: You know Sumomo from Chobits? Basically that. Look up a picture if you don't know what I'm talking about.
Position: Probably submissive
Nationality: Japanese
Relationships: None
Personality: March, like the character whose appearance she more or less ripped off, is a Persocom - specifically, a pocket Persocom, a tiny, human-shaped, sentient computer. Deliberately designed to be cute, March's personality is cheerful, energetic and enthusiastic, though being so small, such high energy tends to wear down her battery rather quickly, which can cause her to abruptly fall asleep (i.e. go into standby/sleep mode) in the middle of a task if she forgets to charge periodically. Given her small size, she prefers to be as high up as possible so she doesn't get stepped on, and will often ride around on people's shoulders.
Abilities/Powers: She doesn't really have any magic powers, though she can discharge electricity. Being a computer, though, she has all the useful abilities you'd expect a talking, sentient computer to have, including constant internet access. She can reprogram other electronic devices as long as she can connect to them somehow, and her small size coupled with her speed means she can get through tight spaces that others might not be able to.
Online screenname: MarchofProgress, if March is taken.

Name: April
Real or nickname?: Nickname. She's not sure what her real name was, but thinks it was either Catherine or Caroline.
Age: 21
Appearance: Looks as much like a lifesize Victorian doll as possible for a human. Short, straight black hair, dark eyes, pale, porcelain-like skin, and wears a lacy, Gothic Lolita-style black-and-white dress which covers her whole body.
Position: Submissive, though occasionally hypnotises September when commanded
Nationality: American, though lives in Finland
Relationships: Girlfriend/submissive/doll of September
Personality: Basically all you'd expect a heavily-conditioned and suggestible doll to be. April seems like she's permanently in a trance, her behaviour and attitude always very calm, deliberate and relaxed. She constantly speaks in a soft, measured tone of voice, not completely monotone, but always with the same even quality to it. She loves ASMR videos (and indeed, they were partly used to condition her), so it's possible she's subconsciously imitating the voice tone and mannerisms of a typical ASMRtist. She can come off as even more robotic than March due to being heavily programmed. Usually, she'll stand in the corner of the room, out of the way, until someone either gives her a command or tells her to join in. If she feels like she's allowed to relax, she will be more natural, though always very polite and formal. When greeting, she always bows to girls and curtsies to boys (if a person is non-gender-binary, she sort of does half of both at the same time). If she hasn't had anything to do or anyone to talk to for a while, she will go into "standby mode" (also known as "display mode") where her mind shuts off and she becomes an actual doll, though she will snap out of it if someone calls her name.
Despite her constantly-relaxed state, she is very adamant about the fact that she is not a sex doll, and will refuse anyone who tells her to take off her clothes or perform some kind of sexual act. If anyone tries to force themselves on her, she will not hesitate to fight back either. She may be docile and obedient, but she still won't let people take advantage of her like that.
In her spare time, she enjoys watching ASMR videos and chatting online.
Abilities/Powers: April is able to create a barrier around herself and anyone standing near her, which will absorb the energy from any attacks. When she's stored up enough energy, she releases it right back at the attacker. However, a strong enough blow can shatter the barrier, leaving her briefly defenseless. Given that she's a doll, though, she doesn't do much fighting.
Occupation: Shop window mannequin. No, really. September managed to make a deal with the manager of a clothes shop in Helsinki to let April stand in the shop window in "display mode" for a few hours and model the store's clothes in exchange for money.
Online name: Usually goes by April_doll when chatting online.
Typical greeting: *bows to everyone and moves to stand in the corner until she's needed*

Real or nickname: Real name
Age: 18
Appearance: Slim and athletic, with light pink hair in a ponytail and hazel eyes. Slighty tanned skin. Usually can be found wearing something vaguely sporty.
Position: Probably submissive, though she isn't really into D/s stuff
Nationality: American
Relationships: None
Personality: As her name and usual outfits show, May is very sporty and active. She particularly enjoys track and field sports, and is a pretty fast runner. She competes in events, both at school and otherwise, and attends quite a few sports clubs. She was born deaf-mute due to a birth defect, so communicates mainly in sign language, though she can also read lips. She has a good sense of humour about it, though, and doesn't get fazed when people make jokes about it (she even makes jokes about it herself fairly regularly).
Abilities/Powers: When transformed, her top speed would make The Flash nod appreciatively and say "Not bad". She also studies many forms of martial arts, so when in "magical girl" mode, she's definitely a front-line fighter, though her disability makes her vulnerable to sneak attacks.
Online handle: Usually goes by RoseofMay (a reference to Final Fantasy IX, which is her favourite game), though this does lead to people thinking her name is Rose.

Real or nickname: Real
Age: 21
Appearance: She and July basically look like Irene and May from Gunsmith Cats, only with their hair colours swapped around.
Position: Dominant, though really doesn't seem it at first
Nationality: American
Relationships: Dominant to July
Personality: Known as the Calm Dominant for her laid-back, relaxed attitude, June is probably the most easy-going, carefree Domme you'll ever meet - that is, unless she's actively dominating you, in which case she can prove to have quite a sadistic streak and a cruel sense of humour. She loves weapons, particularly guns, and is also an expert at using a whip. When not fixing machines (which she does both for a living and as a hobby) or teasing/torturing July, she enjoys playing video games, particularly RPGs and FPSes. Occasionally makes malapropisms (common ones include "humidifying" instead of "humiliating" and "insure" for "assure"), which often leads to July correcting her, followed by June saying either "That's what I said" or "Yes, that too".
Abilities/Powers: When transformed, June can manifest guns out of nowhere, so definitely someone to have if you need some firepower. While she can't make anything more powerful than a rocket launcher at best (and even that takes a LOT of energy), she can definitely pack enough heat to be a valuable asset in a battle.
Occupation: Runs a machine repair shop along with July, where she fixes anything technological in exchange for COD. Since she's freelance, her prices are often negotiable, and her "no-questions-asked" policy means she gets a lot of customers. She also does gun repair.
Online handle: Initially went by JunetheSecond (as a pun on the date) because "June" was already taken, then it kind of stuck.

Real or nickname: Real
Age: 19
Appearance: See June
Position: Submissive
Nationality: American
Relationships: Sub/girlfriend of June
Personality: Known as the Rebel Submissive, July is the textbook definition of a brat. Very hyper, energetic and clingy, and doesn't really respect other people's boundaries/personal space as much as she should. She loves pain, though ironically doesn't have a very high tolerance for it. Goes into a trance whenever she's tied up. To be more specific, it's not really the pain itself she likes so much as the act of being whipped - she loves the rush of adrenaline and endorphins she gets from it, particularly when it's unexpected. She loves being "slapped awake" (whether from sleep, daydream, trance, or anything else), which doesn't necessarily need to involve actual slapping (whips and paddles work well too). She dislikes anything that leaves a bruise or a scar of any kind, however. Calls people "darling" a lot. Enjoys video games, her favourite being The World Ends with You.
Abilities/Powers: Like June, except with explosives instead of guns. She's also immune to "blast damage", and likes to do a trick where she jumps on a grenade just as it blows up, so the shockwave sends her flying.
Occupation: See June
Online handle: Goes by JulyIIElectricBoogaloo online (again, this was initially because "July" was taken, but she liked it so much she decided to keep it.)
Typical greeting: "Hello, darling(s)!"

Real or nickname: Real
Age: 18
Appearance: Shorter than average, with short mousy brown hair and green eyes. Slightly busty, but not exceptionally so. Usually wears casual, rather scruffy clothes.
Position: Submissive
Nationality: American
Relationships: None
Personality: Very shy and reserved. Incredibly artistic, loves to draw. July likes to tease her by cuddling and groping her a lot, which gets August very flustered very quickly. Also writes plays and stories, but is very secretive about them so won't let anyone else read them. If she's not drawing or writing, she's usually totally lost in a book.
Abilities/Powers: Can bring her drawings to life. They come to life at exactly the same size as the drawing, though, so if she wants to create something big she needs a pretty big canvas and maybe a ladder.
Occupation: None
Online handle: Very rarely chats online, but when she does she just goes by August, adding a 2 or something if it's taken.

Real or nickname: Real (named after the song by Earth, Wind and Fire)
Age: 24
Appearance: Tall and wears a bright yellow one-piece swimsuit. Has hair in a ponytail, which is dyed about five different colours, all of which are very bright and nowhere near natural hair colours at all. Blue-green eyes.
Position: Technically dominant, but she just calls herself "a girl who likes to have fun".
Nationality: American, but lives in Finland
Relationships: Owner of April
Personality: September is just... weird. Like, seriously. She's a gigantic fan of the Alice in Wonderland books and related media, so she's basically internalised the weird way of speaking that characters in those stories have, meaning any conversation with her tends to be full of non-sequiturs and exploited double meanings. Likes dolls and lollipops. Has a bit of a spiritual side hidden underneath it all, and often explores things like meditation, trance and "journeys through the mind".
Abilities/Powers: September is able to make the real world (at least in her immediate vicinity) behave as if real life is a lucid dream she's having. Expect things to start behaving weirdly whenever September's around - lots of jump cuts, things that don't really make sense (like September sitting/lying on the ceiling or floating in midair, stuff appearing and disappearing out of nowhere, that kind of thing), etc.
Occupation: Basically a performer, though she calls herself an artist. She puts on shows that incorporate many things including dancing, magic and other things. She blends different forms of expression together and weaves them into a seamless expression of her soul (or so she puts it), so her "magic" consists of dreamlike illusions incorporated into her dance routines rather than typical "pull a rabbit out of a hat" stage tricks.
Online handle: Just goes by September.
Typical greeting: "Hiii! Buenas tardes~!" ("Good afternoon" in Spanish, though she says it no matter what time of day it is)

Real or nickname: Real
Age: 12
Appearance: Mid-length straight black hair and brown eyes, slim build.
Position: Too young to think about D/s stuff yet.
Nationality: American
Relationships: Younger sister of November
Personality: Basically a typical young girl. Often bright and cheerful, though a bit naive sometimes. Likes to read and be read to (she knows it's a bit childish, but she finds it comforting so she doesn't care), play board games and explore nature.
Abilities/Powers: If she has any, they haven't manifested yet.
Occupation: None yet, she's only 12. November home-schools her.
Online handle: Hasn't been online yet.

Real or nickname: Real
Age: 23
Appearance: Like a taller, older version of October, with longer and lighter-coloured hair.
Position: Maybe dominant? She doesn't really get involved with that kind of thing though.
Nationality: American
Relationships: Older sister and surrogate mother of October
Personality: Sweet and kind, but very motherly and very protective of her little sister (whom she raised on her own after their parents died). Mostly warm and gentle, but isn't afraid to be strict when she has to be. Admits she spoils October a little more than she should sometimes. Mostly enjoys reading books when she has some free time.
Abilities/Powers: Basically a white mage, she can heal people and shield them from harm.
Occupation: She looks after October full-time, so she survives on benefits.
Online handle: Doesn't really use the internet much.

Real or nickname: Nickname (real name: Saara)
Age: 19
Appearance: Similar to January and February, but short and slim and with a ponytail, and wears normal clothes.
Position: She doesn't care about that stuff
Nationality: Finnish
Relationships: Younger half-sister of January
Personality: A bit of a problem child, which led to her being officially kicked out of the group. Has a desire to prove herself combined with a resentment of authority, which leads her to commit petty crimes, so she's been arrested a few times. Very rebellious and "fight the power", "smash the system", etc. so often deliberately gets herself in trouble just to stir things up. Basically she's a typical teenage rebel without a cause.
Abilities/Powers: Ice powers like the other "winter" girls. Her fighting style is to create weapons (such as swords, spears, axes etc.) out of ice and fight at close range with them.
Occupation: Doesn't have or want a job. She lives off benefits, which she somehow still gets despite her criminal record. (Just don't ask.)
Online handle: She doesn't go on chat sites much because she doesn't really like people.


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